Roar Kjærnstad, a Norwegian artist born in 1975 was educated in Belgium at the Royal Acadamey in Antwerpen. He has held exhibitions in the Scandinavian countries and also in the UK and Belgium.

Roar Kjærnstad’s basic artistic expression is a combination of abstract and figurative forms. The goal in his pictures is to make abstract and recognizable shapes coexist in a self-contained universe. However, this universe cannot be described as surreal, but more like a fragmented and volatile reality.

This is not only evident in the textures, but also in the general composition and the dissolution of traditional perspectives. In other words; a fine reflection of the contemporary society. Still, in many of the pictures there is a lingering sense of calm and serenity. Initially, this can seem like a contradiction, but on closer inspection, this might turn out to be the intention of the artist. Despite this, a classical foundation is always detectable in the pictures.