About Me

I am an “international citizen”. I was born and grew up in Helsingborg, Sweden. I have a PhD. in Child Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. I have lived in Denmark for more than 40 years. After some years in London, I now share my time between our homes in Denmark and Provence. I have been been working as an artist since the mid 80s. It all started with decoupage. Since I added mosaics, glass painting, tapestry making, painting behind perspex, ceramics and painting with acrylics to my artistic repertoire.

During my many travels all over the world – especially to Japan, China, India, Finland, Russia and Italy, I have received many impulses that have influenced my art. My motifs are inspired by eastern and western ancient and contemporary art – but first and foremost by my life in the heart of Provence with its unique colours, landscapes and moods.

In my art I am trying to simplify the way I express myself. I want my work to be like a good meal. It is the combination of a few main ingredients that suit each other and some spices and no more – the simpler the better!

My Tapestries

My Tapestries are not patchwork or quilts. They are “paintings” made with textiles. Tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven on a loom. Tapestries have been used since at least Hellenistic times. The famous Bayeux Tapestry, 70 m long, depicts the events surrounding the Battle of Hastings and dates back to the 11th century. Strictly speaking, this is not a tapestry, since it is not woven, but embroidered.

Though not 70 m long, my tapestries are also hand sewn. I apply two entirely different techniques.

Some of my tapestries are heavily embroidered. By adapting this technique, I am able to emphasize certain motifs, shapes and details.

On some of my tapestries I have “painted” with textiles. I have put many layers of fabric on top of each other. Many of these fabrics are transparent. The fabrics are fastened on to a background with big stitches. By using this technique, I add more depth to my tapestries and give them an impressionistic look.

As I am experimenting all the time, motives, colours, and materials may vary a lot. Still, my favourite materials are silk and lace.

My preferred motives have, up to now, mainly been inspired by kitchenware, lemons, fishes, angels and faces.

My Decoupage

Decoupage is something that I have delved into for fun many times. In the early 1990s I decorated an old chest for my son and when I did up an old farmhouse in France I plastered the walls of a bathroom with various cuttings to create something both fun and unique.

I have worked on a wide variety of surfaces including chairs, mirrors, hat boxes, and even a giraffe sculpture. But first and foremost I am intrigues by the three dimensional world and spatial possibilities of decoupage on glass, in various shapes of bowls, vases, and dishes.

The greatest challenge of working with decoupage is bringing the lustre, or shine, out of the art works. This is also by far the most time consuming part of the work. Each item requires at least 30 applications of varnish. Before the last five layers are added, the item is sanded down to ensure a smooth sheen.

Every piece I create tells a story – and it even has its own soul!

My Paintings

My art is evolving all the time and I enjoy myself by experimenting & combining new and well known materials with new and well known techniques.

In 2015 it was time to change my media to acrylics on canvas. Great inspiration with new techniques and new materials – even so I do use some of my old techniques like gluing paper on to canvases before painting – or even putting some paper on the canvas after i have painted the canvas.


Previous events:

  • Moscow, TMI 2000
  • Nice, Swedish Consulate 2003
  • Hyères, Les Palmiers 2004
  • Cotignac, Circle des Art de Provence Vert 2007
  • Cotignac, Circle des art, solo 2008
  • Cotignac, Circle des Art de Provence Vert 2008
  • Cotignac, Circle des art, solo 2009
  • Cotignac, Circle des Art de Provence Vert 2009
  • Vence, Galerie Art du Nord, solo 2010
  • Bargemont, Musée Galerie Camos, solo 2011
  • Le Luc, Domaine Amourigue, Art & Vin 2011
  • Copenhagen, Illums Bolighus 2012
  • Chianciano, Chianciano Art Museum 2012
  • Berlin, Marzia Frozen Gallery 2012
  • New York, Amsterdam Whitney 2012
  • London, Gagliardi Gallery 2013
  • Chianciano, Chianciano Art Museum 2014
  • London, Biennale 2015
  • Represented at Grenens museum/Gallerie Rasmus since 2015


Upcoming events

  • Cannes, Galerie Espen Artdenor, solo April 8 to 29, 2017
  • Skive, Skive Bibliotek May 2017
  • Kerteminde, Art Week 2017 July 29 to August 5, 2017